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How to Easily Put Together Casual Outfits That Feel Elevated

In order to put together outfits that make you feel truly yourself, you need to take the time to understand your personal wants and needs.

July 8, 2022

The difference between wearing an outfit and just wearing clothes has more to do with how you think than you might realize. You can’t just copycat wardrobe decisions from uber-famous celebrities or models and call it a success. (I mean, how pricey would that be, am I right?) Even someone with limitless resources has to go through some serious self-discovery to put together outfits that work for them every single day.

Why do you feel sloppy when you put together outfits that look great on other people? 

No matter how “trendy” your clothes are, you can still feel awkward wearing them. That’s because imitating the styles around you (in beauty magazines, online, or on your family and friends) makes you look and feel like an impostor. 

Confident, well-dressed individuals know a few key things about themselves that help them put together outfits that wow.

They know their right fit 

To be clear, the “right” fit isn’t dictated by the fashion industry. But it does happen intentionally (rarely accidentally) so there’s no need to count your lucky stars!

Successfully stylish individuals know their fit. They understand there’s a difference between pieces that are oversized versus those that are just too big. They see the difference between what’s form-fitting and what’s just too tight. 

Your fashion role models follow their instincts carefully!

How many times a week do you throw on an old garment and try to pull it off, even though the fit isn’t ideal? And how many times do you blame your body for what’s really just an awkward outfit? (Your body is never the problem here — it’s the clothes that aren’t fitting your shape or showing off how beautiful you are.)

Your outlook (and the decisions you make about your clothes) may be preventing you from nailing your personal style.

They’re wearing it with confidence 

Those with a more developed sense of style radiate confidence. And (wouldn’t you know it) they look even better with that swag! Bottom line: when you’re feeling blah about your clothes, it shows. 

It actually works interchangeably: your clothes can boost your mood and your mood can boost your outfit. You just want your internal and external selves to complement each other so you feel complete throughout your day.

People with a solid understanding of their personal style may experience greater success and happiness in other areas of their life. That’s because they’re not worried about what might be wrong with their look, so they can invest their time and energy on other things.

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You’re imagining that they feel effortless all the time 

The skill you ought to be chasing down is not “how to put together outfits,” but “how to feel put together.” Get this: it might look like your style role model is wearing a full outfit to you, but you don’t know how they’re feeling on the inside

Don’t be fooled by red carpet pics and social media posts that only show people at their best! Even if the images you’re looking at aren’t photoshopped or filtered (but spoiler alert: they probably are), there's a lot the celeb or influencer is doing to make things look exactly how they want them to.

Most style photos don’t represent real life! Imagine your style icons:

  • With “normal” bodies
  • Bent over
  • Sitting down
  • Exerting themselves
  • With wind-messed hair and clothes
  • With food in their teeth

Makes you feel better, doesn’t it? Understand that the put-together people you admire battle the same life hazards and insecurities as you do.

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What separates good from great when you put together an outfit?

Imagine feeling amazing about yourself every single time you walk out the door. It may seem impossible at the moment, but use these tips to put together outfits that work the best for your body and reflect who you are on the inside.

Cohesiveness is key to a great outfit 

Cohesiveness is what you think of when you identify another person as “put together.” Their proportions, use of contrast, and balance all make sense visually.

If you’re suffering from a lack of cohesiveness right now, don’t worry! You have style—it just hasn’t reached its peak potential yet. A few simple adjustments to highlight your proportions and optimize your use of color and fabric will bring you from a “nothing outfit” to a great one.

Intentionally put together outfits

The most put-together outfits are pieced together intentionally. Sure, we all get lucky once in a while, but day-after-day wardrobe success relies on certainty.

Intentional vibes come from those small details you add on top of a cohesive outfit (that’s balanced, contrasting, and complimentary to your body). I’m talking about a killer pair of glasses that show off your quirkiness or a surprising choice in footwear. Throw in some personalized tidbits that drive the look through the finish line.

And, babe, I can help with this. I’ve put together a free guide for you with 12 Life-Changing Style Habits so you can uncover more style discovery techniques—because there is no one-size-fits-all approach to style.

Remember that the best outfits reflect your personal style

Listen, even if your look isn’t always cohesive or finished with intentionality, your personal style can shine through. That “it” factor will develop over time so your friends and family start seeing things in stores and thinking, “that’s so YOU!”

You’ll uncover your style ID once you can explain what style means to you. Are you a heels person? Do you prefer a red lip? Subtle consistencies will emerge as you encourage yourself to explore the different elements of fashion and how they make you feel.

Pay close attention to the items in your wardrobe you hate to go without. Whether it be earrings, a watch, or a faithful cardigan, those are the building blocks to put together outfits that are totally and completely you.

But you shouldn’t put together outfits that follow “style rules” that don’t work for you 

Beware of those fashion laws everyone talks about—those harmful bodily stereotypes or industry fibs designed to steer the market and trick people into buying (or not buying) items of clothing.

When you start buying clothes based on what’s popular or trendy, you hinder your awareness of what actually works for you. Invest your money, your time, and your emotional energy on style choices in spite of style rules and media influencers.

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In order to put together outfits that make you feel confident, comfortable, and truly yourself, you need to take the time to understand your personal wants and needs. It’s easy to feel lost without a developed sense of personal style. But with a little time and patience, you’ll approach your wardrobe with more certainty.

The best way to discover your style? Join me for The Unfolding, my signature personal style and self-development lab. Inside The Unfolding, you will define your singular personal style, learn to shop strategically, and begin to show up as your authentic self through your style. 

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In order to put together outfits that make you feel truly yourself, you need to take the time to understand your personal wants and needs.