transform your relationship with clothes by defining a personal style and shopping habits that feel like you

👋🏻 Hey, I'm Elyse. I'm a personal style coach. People hire me when they're ready to finally nail their personal style, build value-driven shopping habits, and never again agonize over getting dressed. Why me? Because I know that it's about the clothes—but it's not just about the clothes.

Whenever you're ready to...

✨ hone in on your singular style (yes, you have one)

✨ curate a wardrobe that reflects your style and your values

✨ banish buyers' regret and stop saying "I can't pull that off"

✨ finally feel like yourself in your clothes


what is style coaching?
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align your inner and outer selves

Uncovering our singular style requires getting clarity on our current style and the style we want to cultivate in the future. First, we define the aesthetic, and then we peel back the layers to what is underneath: our identity.

wear your values, not your fears

Too often we let our unconscious beliefs about body, money, beauty, and fashion rule how we dress and shop. We must get clear on our values and desires if we want to build ease and discernment in our style.

your wardrobe should support you

Intentions and goals matter, but style is all in your habits. Create habits of daily dressing, shopping, and style planning that feel supportive, confident, and value-aligned.

It's lovely to meet you.

I'm on a mission to help people just like you transform their relationship with clothes. I don't want you to ever spend another dollar, hour, or endless scroll agonizing over your style.

Not when it's possible to learn the tactics of outfit-building, tune in to your own inner wisdom, and build the habit of great style. (Yep—style is a skill, not something you just happen to be born with.)

My superpower is seeing all of you, and knowing exactly what you need to do next to turn your wardrobe dreams into reality.

Think of me like that one friend you actually like to go shopping with, a closet therapist, and a personal trainer mixed up into one. You get my enthusiasm, a judgment-free listening ear, and the mindset support you need to take empowered action.

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here's my .02¢

  1. True personal style has to include all of you—your identity, body, culture, gender, race, budget, values, and desires—the whole deal.
  2. Style is a skill you can learn, not something you're born with (or without).
  3. Defining your style can also be a catalyst for a journey of feminist thought and practice.
  4. Taking ownership of our style teaches us to think critically—but without self-criticism.
  5. "Flattering" is a wretched concept that holds us back from loving our style and our bodies.
Read the Manifesto and take the Pledge for yourself →

are you ready to finally nail your personal style?

Want to create a wardrobe that really feels like you?
First, you need clarity on your wardrobe dreams and frustrations.

Book a Discovery Call and I'll help you envision your ideal relationship with clothes, identify what's not working, and learn how to make your wardrobe dreams a reality.

investing in your personal style is transforming your relationship to your clothes and your body. thinking critically. opting out of diet culture. taking care of your nice things. practicing sustainable and intentional consumption. choosing joy. uncovering the style that is singularly yours. respecting your financial goals. loving yourself. raising your feminist consciousness. letting it be easy. wearing your values on the outside. feeling amazing every day in your clothes. are you ready?