personal style, on your own terms.

Imagine this: you've finally nailed your personal style. Shopping doesn't fill you with dread or guilt. Making great outfits feels intuitive. Packing for a trip? No prob.

Best of all? You feel absolutely like yourself in your clothes.

Elyse, a white woman in her 30s, wearing a white suit and a black shirt, sitting on a tan leather couch. Her arms are crossed at the wrist and she looks like she's laughing at a joke you made.

You're spending way too much time and energy thinking about what to wear... and the result doesn't reflect how much time you spend thinking about it.

You've changed. Your life has changed: maybe you landed that big promotion, graduated, moved cross-country, launched a business, became a parent. But the clothes in your closet? Those belong to an old version of you.

Your style hasn't caught up to your reality. You want a style that is more "I'm feeling myself" than "this looked sorta clean."

You've considered getting a personal stylist to dump half your closet, take you shopping, and dress you up—but really, you want to know how to do it yourself. You want to know how to nail your look, shop according to your values, and feel that mystical feeling you're craving: effortlessness.

You're so sick of hearing the same old style advice. You've read the books and watched the YouTube videos, but felt like they skipped crucial steps. You're ready to banish "flattering" and wear clothes that work for you, your body, and your life.

You're ready for personal style—on your own terms.

you want everyday wardrobe ease, not just great outfits, right?

Yes, of course you want to wear great outfits, but you know that style is more than that. You want wardrobe ease, shopping confidence, and to quit piling all your clean clothes on that one chair. That's what this guide is about. Get the guide and discover twelve style habits for having great style, not just great outfits.

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Style is a skill—not a magic gift bestowed on some lucky people by fairies at birth. Ask me how I know.

👋🏼 Hey, I'm Elyse. For most of my life, I sucked at style. I spent hours agonizing over every outfit, frantically shopped before every event, and all my outfits just... missed the mark, somehow. It was like being on a hamster wheel: buy something to make me feel good, wear it, feel bad in it, repeat. (Sound familiar?)

I wanted a style that made me feel as confident, present, and self-assured as I knew I really was—and shopping habits that felt value-aligned. (No more fast fashion, please!) My journey to authentic personal style took years of trial and error, false starts, and a lot of wasted money. I started style coaching for one simple reason: it doesn't have to take you that long!

I don't want you to ever spend another dollar, frantic morning, or endless scroll agonizing over your style. Not when it's possible to learn the ins and outs of great style, from what works with your body proportions, to the mindset shifts necessary to actually feel—dare I say it? effortless in your style.

Ready to show up as your authentic self, inside and out? I'm here for you. Grab one of my free guides, or discover The Unfolding, my signature personal style program. Let's get started!

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the rules of getting stylish have changed. we're done with fruit shapes, recycled trends, body shame, budget shame, actually shame of any kind, guesswork, and pretending style is frivolous and shallow. here's the new rules:

1️⃣ nobody is going to know what your style is better than you. develop self-trust. you don’t need more “advice” from influencers, your mom, auntie, or bestie, or brands to tell you what you “should” wear.

2️⃣ you’re not shallow for caring about your style. you’re not personally causing climate change by doing a single return or buying one new garment. banish binary thinking.

3️⃣ shopping is not a hobby. period. you've got better things to do.

4️⃣ the next trend isn’t the one that will suddenly make you feel stylish. what works on your body and for your lifestyle is always going to be “in”.

5️⃣ conversely: there’s no such thing as timeless style. as you change, your style will too. you have permission to not be permanent. 

6️⃣ if it doesn’t fit, it’s always the clothes, never your body. (for real.)

7️⃣ take pride in taking care of your nice things. wear them—that’s what they are for. your closet is not a museum. but take care of them.

8️⃣ work hard once. if you think being stylish means spending more time on style, think again. once you learn style skills and define your look, you'll spend less time agonizing over your style and more time having it.

9️⃣ make mindset moves. whatever it is that your brain is telling you is the reason you can't have great personal style? that's where to begin.

🔟️ have more fun.



Define your personal style, learn to shop strategically, & show up fully as your authentic self—inside and out.

If you’re ready to finally nail your personal style and find wardrobe ease, apply now to join The Unfolding, my signature personal style development lab.