Photo of Style Coaching Client Julia
"I wanted my style to be #effortless, #timeless, and every buzzword I saw on instagram and on blogs. I thought that if I just filled my wardrobe with things that were "timeless", "versatile," and from the "right" brands, then I would automatically "be stylish."

I’m learning more about and tuning in more with my own style, instead of aiming for a "timeless, French, classic" vibe, or thinking that I can’t lean into the all-black-unusual side of me without feeling like I'm putting on a costume.

What I've learned working with Elyse is that being happy with my wardrobe and putting together outfits I love isn't about adhering to any external definition of "stylish". It's about really noticing and honoring my own preferences, learning the subtleties of fit and proportion, and above all tuning into my own inner wisdom and search for joy."

"my biggest style win to date"


“I found out on Thursday that I needed to wear a suit on Monday for a big presentation with investors. I ended up having to run to the mall because time was tight, but this was the first time I've run to the mall in a panic for business clothes and was actually happy at the results. I ended up with a suit I really like, that makes me feel like I'm commanding the room. This is the first time I've ever felt like myself while wearing business attire—maybe my biggest style win to date! “

This is the same client who said, in our first session together, “I buy the same black pants every time I have a work presentation, and I wear them once and hate them, and then get rid of them and repeat!” 

This is SUCH a big win for a few reasons — watch the video to hear me break them down! 

Jessica —

Photo of Style Coaching Client Jessica
"If you’re lucky, you’ve spent your life getting dressed and leaving your house with the confidence that the world would take one look at you and just...get you; that your clothes felt like they fit and that they clearly represented who you are and what space you want to occupy in the world.

If you’re like me, you’ve had a small handful of outfits like that. And they became your First Date outfit and your Interview outfit and your Once-A-Year-Friend-Reunion outfit. And the rest of the time, the days you wore everything else in your wardrobe, you felt like your body was the wrong shape and you were too much and not enough and people couldn’t possibly understand you when you couldn’t even understand how to put an outfit together.

Elyse is one of the magical people who understands. She saw me—actually me—through my many mediocre outfits and the handful of good ones. She listened when I talked about the things I loved and how they made me feel. She helped me see proportions and styles and how I could make them work for my body; how to use the clothes I already owned with integrity in ways that felt good, and how to identify new pieces that would become wardrobe staples.

Elyse helped me articulate my style. The tools she has given me and the non-judgmental conversations we’ve had have changed the way I look at clothes and the way I feel when I live inside them. She’s a gem, and I’m so grateful for her empathy and wisdom."


Photo of Style Coaching Client Gina
"To say working with Elyse was transformative would be an understatement. Just in that first call I walked away with a deeper understanding of myself via my wardrobe. My hopes, my dreams, my values. I highly recommend booking a call with Elyse even if you know your personal style already. Her method is so much more than that."


Photo of Style Coaching Client Gretchen
"Just spent my early afternoon with Elyse and am feeling so joyful about all the wisdom she has to offer. We've all got money stories, clothing stories, anxieties, and restrictions trying to work their way into our narratives, but she's so wonderful at helping us identify and be driven by our joys and values instead. Working with her has been so helpful  for me unlearning my guilt cycle and 'hating' my hobby and source of joy and creativity in clothes. It has honestly completely changed for the better how I see the relationship between myself and my clothes."

Riley —

"Working with Elyse left me feeling enlightened. Sifting through my wardrobe and curating looks with her aided in my perspective on travel organization, stress-free pieces and a creative, calculated approach. Patient, kind and witty, she went above and beyond to bring bright clarity to my mind, providing me with a fresh perspective and guidelines that empowered me to take ownership over my style."


Photo of Style Coaching Client Sarah
"The first shopping I did after meeting with Elyse was the most fun I’d had shopping in a long time. I felt like she was there with me, making supportive comments that took the agony out of deciding what looked good to me and what didn’t. Elyse is really skilled at encouraging you to draw from your own internal reference, so all my choices felt aligned with my values and my needs at the moment. Elyse equipped me to get really particular about what works for me and what doesn’t, and also helped me build confidence and trust in my own discernment."



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