"I want to create a wardrobe that reflects my true style and works for my life."
"I want to really hone in on my style."
"I wanted to feel confident in my ability to know when (and why) an outfit wasn’t working for me."

Sound familiar? You love style and self-expression, but never quite feel like yourself in your clothes. You're spending so much energy on your wardrobe—hours wasted agonizing over decisions—but nothing ever changes. Your life and priorities are shifting, but your clothes and shopping habits are stuck.

You've read the Curated Closet (a couple hundred times), you've tried all the Instagram #stylechallenges. You've done the flip-your-hangers-around method, the Marie Kondo, the Project 333, you name it. Your shopping no-buys last about a week, and let's not even talk about packing a minimal suitcase!

You're dreaming of a wardrobe that finally feels right—value-aligned and style-aligned.

You're ready to transform your relationship with clothes—and today is a perfect moment to begin. Style Coaching is a year-long wardrobe reset for intentional people who are ready to define their personal style—and values.

✨ hone in on your singular style (yes, you have one)
✨ curate a wardrobe that reflects your style and your values
✨ banish buyers' regret and stop saying "I can't pull that off"
✨ finally feel like yourself in your clothes

How Style Coaching Works

Style Coaching is a thoughtful and personalized year-long wardrobe shift. It's a collaborative and introspective partnership, focused just as much on your personal values and habits as it is on your style aesthetic. One-on-one coaching provides the attention and insights you're missing—and the mindset support you need to shift your relationship with clothes from overwhelmed to discerning.

For the first six months, we'll dig deep into your wardrobe dreams and frustrations. We'll take a look at your current style, assess your real habits to understand what you already wear and how you shop, and creatively explore where you want to be in the future.

Unlike working with a personal stylist, we won't toss half your closet and go shopping, or spend all our time making outfits. Instead, style coaching is a collaborative partnership focused just as much on your personal values and habits as it is on your style aesthetic.

Using conversation, journaling prompts, and exploratory exercises, you’ll reflect on your personal values and ethics, come up with your very own style words, and dig in to your shopping and money stories.

You also get a robust and customizable digital Wardrobe Knowledge Bank, complete with wardrobe inventory, wishlist and purchase planners, fit and measurement guide, and seasonal style assessments. We'll complete it all together, so you have all the information you need about your style.

But I won't just leave you with some style words and a half-filled out wishlist. We'll meet once a quarter for the second half of the year, as you become more independent and solidify your stylish habits. We'll also practice seasonally assessing our wardrobe, mindset, and goals, so our style shifts easily alongside our life.

Yes, a full year—transforming your relationship with your clothes takes time! I'll be your supportive guide as we define your singular style, alter your mindset around shopping and dressing, and build supportive wardrobe habits.

Book a Discovery Call and I'll help you envision your ideal relationship with clothes, identify what's not working, and learn how to make your wardrobe dreams a reality.

And yes, we'll see if Style Coaching is right for you.
If not? No pressure, no commitment, and a lot of clarity for you.

Your wardrobe journey includes—

I want to help you have a values-not-impulses, actually-fits-your-current-body, so-easy-its-a-habit kind of wardrobe.

Elyse standing in her bedroom by a small clothing rack, wearing jeans and an oversized button-up shirt, and white mules, smiling broadly

I'm Elyse—and I'm actually not a ~fashion~ person at all. I'm an ex-software engineer who desperately wanted her clothes to support her, fit her, and feel like her. I read all the books, tried all the things, wasted all the hours and dollars. Eventually, though, I discovered the secret: style is a skill, not a magic gift bestowed by fairies at birth.

Then, I got determined. I started style coaching because I believe it’s possible for everyone to learn style confidence, wear their values, and build supportive wardrobe habits. Yes, you. Yes, really. Really really.

Think of me like that one friend you actually like to go shopping with, a closet therapist, and a personal trainer mixed up into one. You get my enthusiasm, a judgment-free listening ear, and the mindset support you need to take empowered action.

What's the Wardrobe Knowledge Bank?

The Wardrobe Knowledge Bank is where my tech background met my style. I was frustrated by existing apps, sick of digging through random phone notes and Google Docs, and flipping through old journals. I wanted all my style information in one place. Getting it all out of your head and onto paper is style clarity magic.

I've made for you a robust and customizable Notion + Airtable hub, complete with wardrobe inventory, wishlist and purchase planners, fit and measurement guide, and seasonal style assessments. We'll complete it all together, so you have all the information you need about your style.

you're ready for style coaching if

You're ready to find ease & joy with clothes.

You're sick of shopping overwhelm or impulsive buys and feeling lost when you look at your closet. You love style and self-expression, and you want your style to love you back.

Your identity is shifting.

Whether you’re changing careers, cities, or sizes, you don't feel like yourself in your clothes anymore. You’re ready for your outside to match your insides.

You strive to live your values.

For you, it's not just about making cute outfits. Being considered in your consumption is important, and you want to be discerning when you shop.

You crave a system that works for you.

You've tried so many shopping limits, goals, bans, wishlists, and challenges that just never quite worked. You're ready for a structure that feels supportive, not restrictive.

You're not ready for style coaching if:

You want someone to shop for you. There are lots of incredible personal stylists and shoppers out there that will make you curated shopping lists or deliver curated outfits for you. If you never want to think about clothes, and your body is easy to dress, get a personal shopper—but if you want to learn the ins and outs of style for yourself, you can’t have someone else do the work.

You want someone to tell you what to wear. I’m never going to give you fully-made outfits, teach you how to follow trends, or even give you BS suggestions about what’s “flattering” for your body shape. We work together to find what you like best, and that requires your effort, interest, and collaboration.

You want a quick fix. Uncovering your singular style and curating a wardrobe that feels like you takes time, self-reflection, and practice. You have to be ready to live with your style and experiment with it, and that doesn’t happen overnight.

close your eyes and imagine this

You are making clothing purchases you love. Your new clothes feel value-aligned, fit your body, and speak to your personality.

Your success rate on purchases that work for you is 90%—and you know how to assess and learn from the other 10%. (Can't win 'em all!)

You’ve got clarity on your personal style and personal values, and every day you get dressed as the person you want to be.

You recognize when you're slipping into negative self-talk, and practicing critical thinking—not self-criticism.

You’re clear on your shopping goals (and why they matter to you)! You can finally set clothing budgets you don’t blow through.

You’re comfortable experimenting with your style, making shapes and trying new looks, because you know how to assess what works and what doesn't.

That's what you get with Style Coaching. You will—

your investment

actual tier — $3,250 or $270 monthly for 12 months

accessible tier — $1,650 or $137 monthly
pay-it-forward tier — $3,600 or $300 monthly

The accessible price is intended for those who are able to meet their needs but have little discretionary income; especially those in marginalized groups. The pay-it-forward price is what allows me to offer the accessible tier. If you can afford it, thank you. This is an honor system—choose the price you need.

why my clients hired me for style coaching, in their own words

I was sick of feeling out of place
in my own clothes.

I wanted to feel confident in my ability to know when (and why) an outfit wasn’t working for me.

I wanted to practice discernment in creating a wardrobe that reflected my true style and worked for my life.

I was ready to figure out how
to make my clothes work for me!

I was ready to really hone in
on my style.

I was ready for a mindset change
and goal-setting that would actually work for me because it's based
on my personal values.

Curious? Scared? Got questions even before you book a Discovery Call? I get it. DM me @elyseholladay on Instagram or email me at coaching@elysestyled.com. I don't bite and I'm here to answer any questions, assuage any concerns, or help you figure out your next wardrobe move.