Define your personal style, learn to shop strategically, & show up fully as your authentic self—inside and out.

If you’re ready to finally nail your personal style and find wardrobe ease, apply now to join The Unfolding, my signature personal style development lab.

align your inner and outer selves

Uncovering our singular style requires getting clarity on our current style and the style we want to cultivate in the future. First, we define the aesthetic, and then we peel back the layers to what is underneath: our identity.

wear your values, not your fears

Too often we let our unconscious beliefs about body, money, beauty, and fashion rule how we dress and shop. We must get clear on our values and desires if we want to build ease and discernment in our style.

your wardrobe should support you

Intentions and goals matter, but style is all in your habits. Create habits of daily dressing, shopping, and style planning that feel supportive, confident, and value-aligned.

Ever look at other stylish people and think, what do they know that I don't? Let me show you.

Imagine personal style without the overwhelm, constant shopping, and striving. In this exclusive training, you'll learn the three elements you need to create a style that feels truly like you.